2019 Midian Shrine Divan


Illustrious Potentate – Norm Conley
and Lady Deb





High Priest and Prophet – Mark Butterfield
and Lady Cynda


Recorder- Wayne Wells, P.P.
and Lady Terri


Ceremonial Director Francis Chaplin
and Lady Sunni


Outer Guard – Glenn Davis
and Lady Michelle


Trustee – Ray Richecky
and Lady Diana


Membership Chairman – Doug Chartier
and Lady Michelle


Chief Rabban  – Fred Smith
and Lady Julie


Oriental Guide – Bob Bair
and Lady Mandy


1st Ceremonial Master – Dave Johnson



Marshal – Farold Hoover
and Lady Traci


Chaplain – Kent Butz
and Lady Ann Falkenstein


Trustee – Dale Gibson
and Lady Linda


Assistant Rabban –   Lynn Ungles
and Lady Laurie


Treasurer – Ron Capps, P.P.
and Bonnie


2nd Ceremonial Master – Rick Alamo
and Lady Sue


Captain of the Guard – Jeff Geesling
and Lady Julia


Chief Aide – Jerry Elscott
and Lady Susan


Trustee – Lou Sheets
and Lady Sue