Antique Autos

Midian’s First Car Unit

Meeting: 1st Monday of each month; 7:00 PM in Isis Room East

The Purpose of The Antique Autos

  • Promote Fellowship among Nobility
  • Promote Community Activities
  • Support the Shrine Circus
  • Support Midian’s Plane of Mercy Transportation Fund
  • Compete in CSSA, competition and Parade
  • Have lots of FUN!

We are celebrating our 30th year of the old car hobby and great fellowship.  With a trophy case full of 1st and 2nd place awards.  We now have 40 family members.  You could be number 41!  So, if you want to have fun and join an established group, Midian’s “Antique Autos.”


Midian Antique Autos was started in 1979 by Gene Porter. the formation of this Unit was requested by Jack Sprat for the year he was Potentate.
At that time Gene was in Midian’s Oriental band. It was a tough decision for Gene to decide what years or type of automobiles would be eligible to join. Time was drawing near and nothing was formatted so Gene took the by-laws from the Oriental Band and made necessary changed to adapt them for the Antique Auto Unit.

In the beginning most of the autos were Model “A’s and T’s”. Even then, most of the cars were so old they had to trailer them to the parades and out of town events.

Gene Porter was the Captain of the Antique Autos Unit for the first 5 years.

Through the years the by-laws have been modified which now includes automobiles 30 years old and older.  We also have special Interest vehicles, they too must be 30 years old; modified or customized but must have fenders and be street legal.  No hand made or kit cars.  All member vehicles must be inspected prior to unit participation. also, it is not necessary to have a car to become a member; you can obtain a car later.  We are a very active unit and do a lot of socializing. we have a trophy case full of 1st and 2nd place awards.

Midian Antique Autos are Proud Members of the Central States Association of Shrine Motor CorpsWe would love to hear from you!  And perhaps we have some information we could share with you too?

Unit Contact
Contact Bob Francis for more information
Unit Officers - 2012
  • – Captain
  •  – LT
  •  – Treasurer
$50.00 annual dues. Purchase of Parade and Competition uniforms are required.
WSU/Midian Shrine Car Show
Antique Autos are proud supporters of the Midian Shrine Car Show.