Camel Herders


Meeting: 3rd Friday of each month; 7:00 PM at Midian

The Purpose of The Camel Herders

  • Participate in Midian Shrine Functions
  • Promote fun and goodwill to crippled, burned, and/or handicapped children.

We ride our 1980-1987 Murray lawn mowers during Approved Parades.  We travel where we can to help Shrine Children have a better life. 

To join, simply ask any member for a unit petition.  Complete the petition and submit it to the Unit Secretary.  Attend 3 functions in a row and be voted on.

The Camel Herders are proud sponsors of Midian’s Circus Bicycle Give-Away.

We would love to hear from you!  And perhaps we have some information we could share with you too?

Unit Officers - 2012
  • Larry Keller – Chief
  • Ray Richecky – Asst. Chief
  • Don Kabler –  Secretary/Treasurer
$20.00 Initiation fee

$0.00 annual dues

Unit shirt + embroidery is approximately $50.00. 

Mowers run approx. $200.00, but that cost varies.