Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month,
6:30 pm in the Isis Room East, Midian Shrine Center


The Purpose of The Cartoon Unit

The Midian Shrine Cartoon Unit is a parading unit.   It’s purpose is all about the kids!  The Cartoon Unit parades and has A LOT of fun.  The Cartoon Unit makes hospital visits and, AGAIN, has FUN!  The Cartoon Unit attends many of Midian’s social events and HAS FUN!  The Cartoon Unit consists of several characters from the past and present.  Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo, Buzz Lightyear (new in 2012), Kung Fu Panda (new in 2012) and even Spongebob!  When there is excitment in the air, you can rest assured the Cartoon Unit is around.  If you are looking for, arguably, the most exciting unit at Midian, the Cartoon Unit may be a place for you to call home.  Although some of our members own their own costumes, we have several available for member use.


Where can you see the Cartoon Unit next? (approved parades):



Fund Raising Opportunities

The Cartoon Unit can be made available for appearances at birthday parties, social events, and school functions.  Please contact the Cole Robinson for more information.

The Cartoon Ladies also have a social meeting once per month.  Other than Cartoon Unit meetings, wives and girlfriends, known as Ladies in the Shrine, are invited to all of our functions.

Unit Contact
Call Brian Byrd @ 316-644-4956 for Membership information
Unit Officers & Committee Chairmen- 2018
  • Rick Alamo – President
  • Jim Price – Vice President
Cartoon Unit dues are $10.00 a year.