Electraglide Elite

Unit meetings are held the 2nd Friday of every month at 7 pm at Midian Shrine Center – 130 North Topeka


Our Purpose is to Benefit the Midian Temple

  1. Our Purpose is to Benefit the Midian Shrine Center
  2. Promote Fellowship among the Nobility
  3. Promote The American Motorcycle
  4. Support the Shrine Circus
  5. Home of Sty 20276 of the Mystic Order of the Bad Boar
  6. Compete in CSASMC competitive drill and obstacle course
  7. Have fun!!



  • Is in good standing with a Masonic Lodge and the Midian Shrine organization
  • Have a Harley Davidson Electra glide touring motorcycle in aesthetic condition to parade.  You are not required to own a Harley Davidson powered motorcycle to join.
  • Meets the minimum Kansas motorcycle liability insurance requirements in order to parade.
  • Agrees to honor the Shrine Policies and ElectraGlide Elite By-Laws
  • Pays an annual Unit membership fee.



Throughout the year the ElectrGlide Elite and their families can choose from a variety of Unit and shrine activities. Unit activities include parades, unit rides, overnight trips, dinner/shows, an annual Christmas party and a summer cookout.  The unit sponsors a poker run every year.  Midian Shrine on-going activities range from parties to family entertainment.  Ladies of Nobles are welcome and are encouraged to help support Unit and Shrine activities.  However, Ladies are exempt from Unit voting rights and cannot ride in parades.

Class “A: Uniform, Unit whiter shirt, Black ElectraGlide Elite Vest, Black Jeans, black footwear and fez.  Jacket as required.

Class “B” Uniform Unit Grey knit short sleeve shirt. Black Jeans, black footwear and fez.  Jacket as required.



The Midian ElectraGlide Elite welcome any motorcycle enthusiast, especially Harley Davidson riders, who agree to support the Eligibility requirements, and desires to share in the enjoyment and rewards of helping disabled children and the sport of motorcycling.

Unit Officers
  • The captain acting himself... the crew at the museum and Jeff Preston and Lady Brenda

    The captain acting himself… the crew at the museum and Jeff Preston and Lady Brenda

    JeffPrestonLadyBrenda IMG_0814 EEmarquettemotomuseum IMG_0813
  • Captain:  Robert Miller
  • 1st Lieutenant: Galen “Grizz” Frick
  • Treasurer: Jeff Preston
  • Secretary: Dwight Harris