Greenwood County 3-Wheelers


    • Promote Shrinedom and the Children’s Hospitals
    • Promote Fellowship among the Nobility
    • Support Midian Shrine Center 
    • Support the Potentate and Divan
    • Support the Shrine Circus



    • Perform at Shrine approved parades.
    • Participate in Central States Shrine Association of Shrine Motor Corps competitive events
    • Support Greenwood County Shrine Club



  • Be a member in good standing of Midian Shrine AAONMS
  • Request membership of any current member of the Three Wheelers


  • Yearly Membership dues $20.00
  • Uniform Shirt $25.00 approx.
  • Plus, Black Jeans, Boots, and Belt.
  • Belt Buckle $25.00
  • Name badge furnished for Noble by unit, Ladies name badge $7.50 approx.
  • 1984-1987 Honda Big Red Three Wheeler $1500.00 – $2000.00
  • It is NOT required to purchase a 3-Wheeler to join.


We are always looking for new members to join our unit.  We have a lot of fun, but we also work hard to support our philanthropy, which is the Shrine Children’s Hospitals.  You must be a member in good standing with Midian Shrine AAONMS.

We are also always on the lookout for more bikes. We use 1984-1987 Honda Big Red three wheelers and will consider them in any condition.

History of the 3-Wheelers

In the fall of 1983 casual conversation began about the Greenwood County Shrine club starting some sort of a parade unit. It was felt that this would increase interest and participation among the nobility in the Greenwood and Elk county area. There was discussion about what type of unit to have, discussions included possibly a horse mounted patrol, and three wheelers. It was quickly determined that three wheelers did not need stables, feed or special care when not parading and therefore was the logical choice.

On January 15, 1984, at the Annual Installation Dinner, several members made a commitment to form the unit and it was decided to go with Honda Big Red ATVs as the vehicle and plain white shirts and black trousers as the uniform. At the time, Honda had a 125cc Big Red available and that was the one chosen. Eight of them were purchased and the Three Wheelers were born.  Since that time, the unit has switched to Honda 250cc Big Reds and the uniform is now white oxford shirts with our logo embroidered on the right side and blue jeans.

The original officers were: Noble Mike Kelley PP Captain and Noble Bruce Detwiler Lieutenant, with Nobles Leo Butler, Ed Hawthorne, Hugh Dennis PP, Buck Campbell, Paul Hendrickson, Myron Huffman, Leonard Booth, and Harold Hosler as the Charter Members. Noble Paul Hendrickson is still active in the unit today.  Noble Jack Russell PP was the liaison officer from Midian, and the Potentate was Illustrious Sir James McNerney.  

The 3-Wheelers first parade was Spring Ceremonial in May 1984 and the Unit’s first CSSA was a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1987. They chose not to compete that year but attended the parade and had a great time. It was quickly decided that competition was definitely in their future.

The 3-Wheelers first competition was at Wichita, Kansas in 1988. They brought home a third place trophy in Obstacle course competition. In 1996 the unit, with several new members, decided to try competition once again. They traveled to CSSA in Overland Park, Kansas and brought home a second place trophy in Competitive Drill and a second place in Obstacle course competition. There were only five Nobles making the trip: Carl (C.F.) Cox Captain, Craig Olson Lieutenant, Allen Hall, Virgil Cox, and Dave Hearn.  Since then, the 3-Wheelers have attended several CSSA competitions and one Imperial Session. They finally hit the big one with a First Place trophy in Competitive drill at Branson, Missouri in 1998 and had 14 Nobles in attendance.

Throughout the years, many bikes were purchased that had seen hard duty.  Nobles David Mock and Virgil Cox decided since they were retired and enjoyed tinkering with the bikes that they would help other Nobles rebuild their bikes and get them parade ready.  Virgil commandeered his son, Noble C.F. Cox to use his shop for the many projects.  Noble Dave was the mechanic and worked to get them in running condition, while Noble Virgil tore them down, and assisted his son in getting them ready for a fresh coat of paint.  C.F. would do the painting and then Dave and Virgil would put them back together in “like new” condition.  Today there are 19 Honda Big Red 3-Wheelers that are parade ready and many of these went through these hands at one time or another.  Unfortunately, the Black Camel has taken Nobles Dave Mock and Virgil Cox from us, but their work lives on every time we get the bikes out for a parade.  

Unit Officers - 2012
  • Leroy Moreland – Lt
  • Andrew Porter – Vice Lt
  • Eldon Teter – Sec/Treas
  • Lonnie Nichols – Membership