Horse Patrol


What is the Horse Patrol?

We are dedicated members of Midian Shrine that promote and support horsemanship,
Midian Shrine Circus and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children and the children’s care from birth
to 18 years of age at absolutely NO COST to the child or their family!


Do I need to own a horse or have any experience to join?

NO, you do not need to own a horse or have any experience with horses, but some knowledge is helpful,
as we parade in most Midian Shrine Parades and certain skills are needed for this.


When and where does the Horse Patrol meet?

Horse Patrol conducts their monthly meeting at Midian Shrine in the Isis Room East on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm.


How do I find out more about the Horse Patrol?

Contact any member of the Horse Patrol Unit or George Finley @ (316)832-1015 or (316)640-3598.

Unit Officers - 2012
  • Gary Mason – Captain
  • DeWane Ewert – 1st Lt
  • George Finley – Treasurer
  • Membership – David Pyerley PP