Keystone Kops


Unit Meetings: 1st Monday of each month, 7:30 at Midian Shrine Center


Purpose of Unit:

  • Promote Fellowship among the nobility
  • Support the Shrine Circus
  • Support the Plane of Mercy Fund
  •  Compete in C.S.S.A., Competition, Skit and Parade 


What we do: Create total chaos and craziness where ever we are at.


How to Join: Ask for a membership petition from any Keystone Kop member. The prospect must attend two meetings of the Unit within a 60 day period, one social event or function where wives are included and three parades prior to the vote on his petition for membership. The requirement for parade attendance and participation may be waived  on the recommendation of The Board of Control and the approval of the body. Unit dress requirements MUST  be met within the first year of being accepted into the unit.


What is the Cost: There is a $50.00 Initiation Fee, $100.00 Dues and Uniform Cost.


Keystone Kop History

The original By-laws were approved by Robert I. Cory (Potentate) on February 25, 1975. The original By-laws were signed June 10, 1975 by Gayle Estes (1st Chief of Keystone Kops) and signed July 15, 1975 by Robert Cory, (Potentate, Midian Shrine). The reason for the delay was that Mr. Estes wanted to start a Clown unit and could not because there was already a clown unit in Dodge City, which is under Midian jurisdiction. After some thought, Mr. Estes knew there was a Keystone Kop unit in San Francisco, California (The 1st Shrine Keystone Kop Unit) and decided that he would start one here in Wichita. The Potentate and Divan members wanted to make sure this unit was not going to be a Clown unit. After the Kops had gone to some parades and had done their acts, the By-laws were signed. In September of 1975 the Kops had their first C.S.S.A. in Wichita, Kansas. The Kops first Paddy Wagon was a 1941 Chevy Panel. The Paddy Wagon was a military ambulance. This was used until; Scotty Clark destroyed it on the way back from a parade in Augusta, Kansas in 1981. The Kops then bought a 1943 International Fire truck, which is now currently being used.



Unit Officers - 2012
  • Scotty Clark – Chief
  • Danny Oliver – Captain
  • Scott Shirkey – Lt
  • Steve Mitchell – Treasurer