Million Dollar Band

The Midian Shrine Band was formed in 1910, two years after the Midian Shrine was founded and was chartered in 1915. The band was renamed “The Midian Shrine Million Dollar Band” as a result of selling over a million dollars worth of war bonds during World War 1. The band started with 20 members and has had a membership as high as 80 members. Except for a short time the band has been performing continually since it was founded.



Participate in Midian Shrine functions, or other functions as the Potentate and/or Unit Officers shall direct, especially
to promote fun and good will to crippled, burned, or handicapped children.



Concert Band  – The concert band is our primary band currently consisting of about 30 member musicians.  Noble Lynn Moller has been director of the concert band since 2007.  “This wind ensemble plays a wide variety of music ranging from ceremonial music for various occasions, period music, traditional concert band selections, and arrangements of movie and show music.  An important part of the repertoire is the music of our brother nobles, Henry Fillmore, Fred Jewell, Karl King, J. J. Richards, and John Philip Sousa.  These individuals were important contributors to the heritage of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the musical wealth of our nation.

Parade Band – The parade band currently uses a trailer for parades.  The band participates in 4 to 6 Shrine and local parades each year.

DanceKatz – An auxiliary group of the Million Dollar Band consisting of 12 to 17 musicians.  This band has been playing together since 1987.  Noble Lynn Moller is the director of this dance band and they perform the “Big Band Sound” for more sophisticated ballroom dancing. This follows in the tradition of our brother nobles, William “Count” Basie, Irving Berlin, Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, and Paul Whiteman.  Their compositions and arrangements form the basis of our repertoire and popular American musical culture. Evening dances are now being held and the group is available for outside performances.  Please check Midian Shrine news for dates or call (316) 204-6131 for information.

PolKatz – An auxiliary group of the Million Dollar Band which consisting of 10 to 14 members and has been performing for the last 29 years.  The band has been under the supervision of Noble Steve Schmitter, phone (316) 684-1526, First Clarinet player since 1987.  This band performs at many local nursing home facilities and at Octoberfest events.  This band plays Polkas, Waltzes, and March music.

DixieKatz – Another auxiliary group of the Million Dollar Band.  This group consists of 7 to 10 members and was formed by Noble Dick Cory in 1996.  This band plays lively Dixieland music and has performed with the Wichita symphony. Noble Andy Roberts is Director, phone (316) 722-5249.

JazzKatz – A newly formed auxiliary group of the Million Dollar Band.  This group consists of eight members and was formed by Noble Iven Kelty, phone (316) 264-3485, in 2004.  This is a small ensemble that plays dance and jazz music.

These bands play a total of 25 to 30 performances each year including concerts, parades, Octoberfests, dances, Shrine Circus, Midian Shrine and other Masonic functions.  They also attend and compete against other bands at the annual Imperial and CSSA Shrine conventions.  All members are dues paying members of the Central States Shrine Band Association (CSSBA) and the Shrine Band Association of North America (SBANA).

The band makes donations to the Plane of Mercy fund, which is used to transport children to and from the Shriner’s Hospitals and Burns Institutes for crippled and burned children.

The primary goal of the band is to provide upbeat entertainment and to make sure our members have fun performing music.

“WE PLAY – so crippled children can”



ASK for a Membership Petition from any member or contact the Unit Secretary. Complete the Petition and turn it in to the Unit Secretary. Undergo a brief personal interview, probably at your home, at your convenience. Be voted in by the Unit Members.


Annual dues are $23 which includes Central States Shrine Band Association (CSSBA), and Shrine Band Association of North America (SBANA) dues. Costume cost varies by individual band.



In general, the following rehearsal schedule is used. Contact us to confirm.  Rehearsals are at Midian.

  • Concert Band – Mondays, 8:30-10:00
  • DanceKatz – Mondays, 7:00-8:30
  • PolKatz – Alternating Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30
  • DixieKatz – Alternating Tuesdays, 8:30-10:00
  • JazzKatz – Alternating Tuesdays, 8:30-10:00 after DixieKatz



Unit Officers - 2012
  • Lynn Moller – Director
  • Daiz Hagan- Manager
  • Rick Milhon – Sec.
  • Ron Oliver – Treasurer