Motor Patrol

Our Purpose is to Benefit the Midian Shrine Center Motor Patrol
Promote Fellowship among the Nobility

– Promote The CSASMC

– Support the Shrine Circus

– Support Midian Shrine

– Compete in CSASMC Show Car Competition

– Have fun

– Unit meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. location varies

– Dues are $250 per year for lots of hospitality and fellowship

– To join there is an investigation and a Jeepster purchase for full membership

The 2014 Motor Patrol dress code is as follows.

Class A uniform – Black suit coat with black buttons, white long sleeve dress shirt no button collar with white buttons, light grey nail head pants with small belt loops, black dress socks, black belt with silver buckle, black dress shoes, black and orange jeepster tie. Underwear will be optional.

Parade uniforms –

-Cold weather parades – blue jeans or better and black long sleeve or white long sleeve embroidered motor patrol shirt. Capt. Will declare which shirt prior to event. Jacket is your choice but motor patrol jacket preferred. Fez

-Summer parades – khaki or tan shorts, white polo with jeepster embroidered or white short sleeve embroidered motor patrol shirt. Fez

CSSA competition uniform – White polo with orange jeepster embroidered, class A pants, shoes, socks, & belt and Fez.

Class A coat and pants will be purchased from Johnstons. Ask for Kevin, he knows what to order.

All other shirts will be ordered from JT Enterprises. See John Auch.

Stated Meetings are Class A.

Business meetings are Class A.

Funerals are Class A or better.


Pote’s Ball and installation of officers will be Class A or better – preferably tux.


Unit Officers - 2015
John Auch– Captain

First Lt. – Terry Henry
2nd Lt. – Paul Mayfield
Lynn Ungles as Treasurer,
Topics Reporter ~ John Auch
Mickey West Quartermaster ~
Sergeant at Arms Robert Ragsdale
Circus Chairman ~ John Auch
Membership ~ Jerod Cox

Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps (CSASMC)