NASCART Meetings are the 3rd Monday at 7:30 pm each month at Midian Shrine Center


The purpose of this unit is to furnish the Midian Nascarts spirit and atmosphere to the ceremonials and parades of the Midian Shriners and for the Nobility of the Shrine, thereby adding interest to the Midian Shriners.  To promote good fellowship and a true Masonic fraternalism among the members of the unit.  To make the services of each individual member of greater value to Midian Shriners, its Divan and Nobility.


Our cars are on a four wheel go-cart chassis with a fiberglass body that has the appearance of a NASCAR race car.  They have a wheel base of 56″ they are 90″ long and 36″ wide.  Each car is distinct in its appearance as they are built to represent the different race teams, numbers and colors of NASCAR.  We do not advertise anything NASCAR other than the appearance.  All of our graphics represent Masonic/Shrine bodies and Midian Shriners.  Our carts are equipped with a 4 stroke overhead valve, 151-300cc engine with torque converter and disk brakes. They weigh approximately 200 pounds.




The initial cost to join the Midian Nascarts is a one-time membership fee of $30.00 to be submitted with your application. The $30.00 will be refunded to you if you should not get accepted into the Nascarts Unit.


Our dues are established annually at our first meeting in January; at this time our dues are $30.00 which includes the unit dues and Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps dues. The annual dues will not be collected in the same calendar year a member joins the unit.


At this time we are in the process of building our own carts and don’t have an exact cost to own a cart but you can expect to spend $1,700.00 to the sky’s the limit. That price depends on which engine and various other optional items you want. You will also have the joy of helping to build your Cart. However, you don’t have to purchase a cart to join the unit, our by-laws allow for owners, co-owners and non-owners.




  • Black Dickies pleated front  work pants approximately $20.00.
  • White embroidered shirt approximately $80.00.
  • Team colored embroidered shirt approximately $65.00
  • White mock turtleneck long sleeve shirt approximately $20.00.
  • Black mock turtleneck long sleeve shirt approximately $20.00
  • Black & White embroidered Satin baseball jacket $100.00.
  • Black 1-1/2″ plain smooth surface belt approximately $20.00.
  • Sculptured Shrine Coin belt buckle approximately $15.00.
  • Tredsafe Captain Shoes – Wal-mart  approximately $20.00.

Class “A” 

  • Black trousers non specific.
  • White long sleeve dress shirt non specific.
  • Black Nascarts tie $20.00.
  • Charcoal sports coat approximately $100.00.
  • Black dress shoes non specific.
  • Belt and Buckle same as Parade uniform.

Unit Fez is approximately $100.00 ordered at the Shrine center.

Nascarts - Ricky

Nascarts 1

Unit Officers - 2015
  • Richard Mardis – 2015 President
  • Richard Steele – 2015Vice President
  • Gary Dix –  2015 Secretary
  • Randy Pierce – 2015 Treasurer


Central States Association of Shrine Motor Corps (CSASMC)