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Who We Are:

The Midian Cartoon Unit is a fun-loving unit dedicated to putting smiles on children's and adult’s faces.  We dress up as cartoon characters for parades as well as events.  We aim to help

spread the word about what Shriners International, Shriners Hospital for Children, and the Midian Shrine are about.

Unit Meetings:

2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Isis room at Midian Temple.


Annual Dues - $20 with a $10 initiation fee the first year.

Costume- Price varies depending on the person selling the costume.

Unit Shirt- we wear a standard shirt for meetings, events, and before parades.

How to join:

Contact any existing member of Cartoons for an application.  Once an application has been received, the unit will vote on the Noble, and the President will deliver the results to the applicant.  Upon admission, the first years dues will need to be paid.

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