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Electraglide Elite

Unit Meetings: 

2nd Friday of the month at Midian Shrine Center.


Who Are We:

The Electraglide Elite is a primer parade unit of Midian Temple and consists of large street and highway touring type American made Motorcycles. Examples would include Harley Davidson, Indian, and Victory brand street and highway models manufactured and assembled in the United States.


How to Join:

Easy!  After becoming a Master Mason and Noble of the Mystic Shrine, a candidate will declare his desire to become an Electraglide Elite member at their first meeting. He will be asked if he has the proper motorcycle endorsement on a State issued Driver’s license to operate his motorcycle on public roads, and proper liability insurance. A copy of proof of insurance will be kept on file at the Midian Shrine office and will be the member’s responsibility to update insurance information each year thereafter.  After which he will be issued a Midian Shrine Parade Permit.  He will also be asked if any member has observed his riding ability and can verify that he has sufficient ability to operate his motorcycle in narrow spaces and can safely maneuver and balance his motorcycle at a slow pace usually experienced in a parade. If no  Electraglide Elite members can verify his ability, a committee will be assigned by the Membership Chairman to meet with new member and observe his riding ability.


$25 annual membership dues.

An Electraglide Elite member is required to furnish his own motorcycle and will pay for his own fuel, maintenance and transportation costs.  He will also be required to obtain a parade uniform worn in all parades and Ceremonials at his own expense. The member uniform consists of a collared white, front button sport or dress type shirt (long or short sleeve depending on the season), black denim type jeans, black motorcycle riding boots, black motorcycle riders vest with special Electraglide Elite logo embroidered on

the back with name or nickname on the front, and a Fez. Additional membership apparel can be purchased during the year. 



The Electraglide Elite was founded in 1980 as a Parade and Escort unit and in 1996 we were incorporated into the Midian Shrine Circus. The Electraglide Elite was used to raise the excitement level of the audience at the start of each performance by the loud revving of engines as well as using the motorcycles to escort the Circus Committee and members of the Midian Shrine Divan into the center arena.  They also provided security for the elephants between Performances. Currently, the unit is involved with fund raising events, hosting the Annual Kids Run, (Motorcycle, Classic/Custom Car Poker Run), participating in the annual Sportsman Event 50/50 cash raffle, hosting the Bad Boar Event for Shrine Nobles interested in obtaining the Bad Boar Degree, and parading the big touring motorcycles at the Midian Shrine Ceremonial, St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in the  Delano District of Wichita and several small-town parades around the state.  They also take time to participate in family social gatherings such as breakfast or dinner venues, enjoying the open road and exploring destinations on a motorcycle.   They end the year enjoying the fellowship of fellow Members and Ladies at their own Christmas Dinner.

Elk County

Golden VIPs

Greenwood County

Hospital Van

Humidor Hounds & Foxes

Unit Meetings: 3rd Monday of each month, 7:00 at Midian Shrine Oasis

Purpose of Unit:

  • Promote Fellowship among the Nobility & Their Ladies (Foxes)

  • Support the Fraternal Shrine and Plane of Mercy

What We Do: Smoke Cigars & Pipes and drink our favorite beverage, while planning events to raise funds to support the Fraternal Shrine and the Plane of Mercy.

How to Join: Ask for a membership application from any Humidor Hounds & Foxes member or email The prospect must attend one meeting of the Unit within a 90 days period, prior to the vote on his application for membership. Unit dress recommend, but not required - Humidor Hounds & Foxes Logo Dress Shirt.

What is the Cost: There is a $20.00 Initiation Fee, $20.00 Annual Dues Cost, due in December. If you join in the last quarter of the year, your dues are waived for the following year.

Humidor Hounds & Foxes History

Our original by-laws were approved by Illustrious Sir Norm Conley (Potentate) on June 26, 2019. We are part of the 16 Cigar Unit in the country as of this date. We had 50 plus Members and their Foxes Join the first year and growing monthly. Established a Facebook Page on May 25th, 2019 to support Communication and Fellowship within the Unit (Private Group). Our first charter was to correct the ventilation in the Oasis to remove smoke quickly to allow non-smokers & smoker to enjoy the Oasis in comfort; this charter was complete Nov. 15th, 2019 with the Devan’s assistance. We will always have an ongoing raffle to raise funds to support our Annual Cigar Events and other evets, which raise funds to support the Fraternal Shrine and the Plane of Mercy. The Humidor Hounds & Foxes shall enter Christmas tree in the Fez-Tival of Trees annual. Our first Annual Cigar Events was held Oct. 30th, 2020. Future Raffles and Cigar Events are always in the planning stage and will be announced.

Keystone Kops

Unit Meetings: 

1st Monday of the month

What We Do:

We are the loudest, funniest, wettest, parade unit at Midian Shrine.

The Keystone Kops strongly support one another inside & outside the shrine.

We believe in having fun while supporting the Fraternal Shrine, Plane of Mercy, & Shriners Hospitals for Children.

How to Join:

You had to jump through some hoops to become a Mason, a few hurdles to join the

Fraternal Shrine. There are several steps to joining the Keystone Kops.

Show up at our monthly meeting & declare you would like to join. (fill out a little paperwork)

Attend two monthly meetings within a 60-day period.

Attend one social event where wives are included.

Participate in three parades.

We want the prospect to understand that getting ready for a parade takes a little work & you are willing to help.

All that needs completed before voting on your membership


$50 initiation fee, $100 yearly dues,

A Keystone Kop is required to get the required unit dress, & competition uniforms. This cost $500+ You have one year from joining the Keystone Kops to get the required clothing.


The first Keystone Kop meeting was held on January 29, 1975 at the Midian Temple at 7:30PM

The original By-laws were approved by Potentate Robert I. Cory on February 25, 1975.

However, they were not signed until July 15, 1975. The Potentate & Divan wanted to make sure the Keystone Kop were not a Clown unit as Midian Shrine already had one.

September 1975 the Kops had their first C.S.S.A. in Wichita.

The first Paddy Wagon was a 1941 Chevy Military ambulance.

The second Paddy Wagon was a 1943 International Fire Truck.

Current Paddy Wagon is a 1995 Pierce pumper truck.

Krazy Klowns

Legion of Honor

Mini Cycles

Motor Patrol

MIDIAN Motor Patrol

The Midian Motor Patrol was initially established in 1962.  When the unit began, the unit’s, members owned Honda Dream motorcycles which they paraded in all the parades.  It was not until 1973 that the Motor Patrol changed over their vehicles to the 1948, 1949, and 1950 Willy’s Jeepsters which are paraded today. The purpose of the Motor Patrol is to carry the Midian Shrine Divan, (Leaders), in the parades to provide positive visibility to the public.

The Motor Patrol has been for many years been recognized as  the top fundraiser for Midian Shrine.  Motor Patrol supported Circus for many years when it was our major means of raising funds. Now that Circus no longer exists, the Shriner’s Sportsman Event is the primary focus. Many of the members of Motor Patrol are among the top individually recognized revenue generators each year at the Awards Ceremony.  Many of the members of Motor Patrol have been directly involved in the continued success of the Midian Shrine through their leadership.  Several have been on the Divan over the years, with some even being Potentate. (The top Executive officer.)

The Motor Patrol is primarily an organization centered around its fraternal members.  The regular dues for an active member for a year are $150.00.  The dues for a Veteran, which  is a member that has been active for at least 5 years, is $50.00.  Active members must participate in at least 50% of all scheduled activities for the year and are required to own a Jeepster. The meetings each month are held at local restaurants on the first Wednesday of each month.  Only the members are to attend the meetings, unless by special invitation, whereas a non-member may attend.

The Ladies of the Motor Patrol members support their Nobles  in their activities but are not actively involved in the Unit. There are specially scheduled events during the year where the Ladies are a special part of the activity.  Examples of such events are the Spring and Fall Bashes, the Ceremonials, the Potentates’ Ball, and the Christmas Party. The Motor Patrol being a parade unit always enjoys the company of their Ladies when their desire is to attend, and there is usually a great hospitality to enjoy afterward.

Midian Motor Patrol “A Membership of Fun and Purpose”


Nomadic Chippers


Provost Guard

Reno County

Santa Fe