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Keystone Kops

What We Do:

We are the loudest, funniest, wettest, parade unit at Midian Shrine.

The Keystone Kops strongly support one another inside & outside the shrine.

We believe in having fun while supporting the Fraternal Shrine, Plane of Mercy, & Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Unit Meetings: 

1st Monday of the month

How to Join:

You had to jump through some hoops to become a Mason, a few hurdles to join the

Fraternal Shrine. There are several steps to joining the Keystone Kops.

Show up at our monthly meeting & declare you would like to join. (fill out a little paperwork)

Attend two monthly meetings within a 60-day period.

Attend one social event where wives are included.

Participate in three parades.

We want the prospect to understand that getting ready for a parade takes a little work & you are willing to help.

All that needs completed before voting on your membership


$50 initiation fee, $100 yearly dues,

A Keystone Kop is required to get the required unit dress, & competition uniforms. This cost $500+ You have one year from joining the Keystone Kops to get the required clothing.


The first Keystone Kop meeting was held on January 29, 1975 at the Midian Temple at 7:30PM

The original By-laws were approved by Potentate Robert I. Cory on February 25, 1975.

However, they were not signed until July 15, 1975. The Potentate & Divan wanted to make sure the Keystone Kop were not a Clown unit as Midian Shrine already had one.

September 1975 the Kops had their first C.S.S.A. in Wichita.

The first Paddy Wagon was a 1941 Chevy Military ambulance.

The second Paddy Wagon was a 1943 International Fire Truck.

Current Paddy Wagon is a 1995 Pierce pumper truck.

Keystone Kops
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