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Arab Patrol

Arab Patrol Purpose:

The first unit at Midian Shrine Center’s purpose was to protect the Potentate, provide Honor Guards and Present the Colors at Midian events. We are a marching unit active in Central States Shrine Association competition each year and current champions.


Business meeting from October to May Our Meetings at 7:30 on the second Monday of each month at Midian Shrine Center. We may practice in place of the meetings May June and July and August.

How to Join:

Be a member in good standing of Shriners International. Come to an Arab Patrol unit meeting at Midian and fill out an application. We are a marching unit.


Our class A uniforms are clean for upcoming events like the March CSSA business meeting and the August CSSA competition. It a great unit to belong to and your uniform is provided. Joining the unit can be petitioned and the cost is $50 per year. Our ladies can support our activities and the Shrine Center.


Our unit takes competition in Central States seriously and our maneuvers can be seen in this video.


The early history of Midian Temple is necessary to fully understand the beginning and the continuity of the action of the ARAB PATROL of Midian Temple.

The first meeting of shriners in Wichita to learn the sentiment of the local Nobles as to the desirability of forming a Temple and to consider means of procedure was held in the parlor of the Manhattan Hotel, June 17, 1909.

During the following year, a petition was carefully prepared which was presented to the Imperial Council Session at Louisville, KY. On June 9, 1909, the Imperial Council granted a dispensation for a Temple at Wichita to be known as Midian.

On August 10, 1909, Illustrious Noble E. W. Ober, Potentate of Isis Temple at Salina, KS, opened a Special Session of Isis Temple in the Scottish Rite Remple at Wichita and presented a Commission as Special Deputy of Imperial Potentate George L. Street of Richmond, VA, directing him to institute Midian Temple at Wichita, KS, under the dispensation granted by the Imperial Council at Louisville, KY June 9, 1909.

The Nobles selected to serve as Officers of Midian Temple while under dispensation were presented to the Special Deputy, who administered to them the obligation of office.

After this ceremony, Illustrious Noble Ober presented Noble George H. Bradford, the first Potentate of Midian Temple, with the Dispensation granted by the Imperial Council to Midian Temple together with the Rituals of Order.

A few men were given the Shrine work previous to the first Ceremonial who were to help put on the Work for the October 15th Ceremonial. This was the first nucleus of a functioning Patrol.

On October 15, 1909, Midian Temple, under Dispensation, held its first Ceremonial Session with a class of 249. It was after this Ceremonial that a provisional Patrol was organized for the purpose of conducting the initiatory work for future Ceremonials.

The second and third Ceremonials were held on December 30, 1909, with a class of 75 and April 1, 1910, with a class of 59, respectively.

The charter for Midian Temple was granted by the Imperial Council on April 13, 1910.

On May 24, 1910, Midian Temple was instituted under charter, and the same officers who served the Temple while under dispensation were elected and installed to serve for the balance of 1910.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Charter of Midian Temple was presented to Illustrious Potentate George H. Bradford.



On May 25, 1910, the Regular Patrol was organized under the official sanction of the Potentate of Midian Temple and all members are amenable to the by-laws and regulations of said Temple. It is also stated that this organization could not adopt by-laws without their first having been assented to by the Potentate of the Temple.

The Patrol is a part of the working corps of the Temple under the control and authority of the Potentate and must be composed wholly of Shriners in good standing in this Temple.

The Illustrious Potentate George H. Bradford appointed Noble Charles A. Baker as Captain of the Patrol who in turn appointed Fred G. Whitlock as Secretary with the following Nobles as the Patrols first members:

C. A. Baker – Captain

J. F. Bennett – Associate Captain

Fred G. Whitlock – Secretary

Julius E. Luling – S. S. Carter – B. F. Dunken

Doug McNicol – C. H. Winn – J. Brent Hewey

C. Means – H. T. Harden – W. H. McCoin

J. F. Kernan – S. C. Sutton – Harry D. Cottman

W. O. Graham – Hal McCoy – Floyd W. Hunt

Ralph T. Bradford – J. Clyde Sanders

Arab Patrol
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