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The purpose of Midian Nascarts is to furnish the spirit and atmosphere to the ceremonials and parades of the Midian Shriners and for the Nobility of the Shrine, thereby adding interest to the Midian Shriners.  To promote good fellowship and a true Masonic fraternalism among the members of the unit. To make the services of each individual member of greater value to Midian Shriners, its Divan and Nobility.

Conceived by chance of the sighting of a small go-kart darting out of a gas station parking lot, the future charter members of Midian Nascarts had an idea for an exciting parade unit. Since the first meeting in May of 2007, the creativity of vehicle designs, parade formations, and drill patterns have made the Nascarts an easily recognized crowd favorite.

With a membership roster of 25 members; 10 being drivers, fellowship is a strong virtue within the Midian Nascarts. Monthly meetings not just about business, social activities and family get-to-gathers, competition practice, and Shrine involvement in activities make the Nascarts a great experience for new and veteran Shriners alike.

We meet at Midian Shrine, the 3 rd Monday of every Month at 7:00 PM in Isis West. Ladies are always welcome to socialize with us before we meet. Annual dues are $30 and due at the beginning of the year.

Nascarts have parade and competition uniforms that is required to participate as a driver. For formal events and banquets, a class A uniform is our desired attire. Motorized vehicles are available for use

and purchase. Track names are not chosen but earned.

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