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Who We Are:

The primary purpose of Midian Yoshi is to parade and give the parade watchers a fun loving face for them to associate with Shriners!  We are unit that takes having fun, and making noise, to the next level!  On top of parading, we compete annually at the Central States Shrine Association (CSSA) Motor Corps competition, which includes a drill (coordinated group routine) and an obsticle course (individual times).  We also have social outings and go-kart maintenence days to provide fellowship and help fellow members learn how to maintain their karts and engines.

Unit Meetings:

1st Monday of each month at 7pm in the Isis East conference room


Annual Dues - $25

Go-Kart - Price varies depending on the past member selling the kart.

Parade & Competition Uniforms - We have a standard uniform that we use for parading and we wear a separate special shirt for the annual CSSA competition.

How to join:

Contact any existing member of Yoshi for an application.  Once an application has been received, the unit will vote on the Noble and the President will deliver the results to the applicant.  Upon admission, the first years dues will need to be paid.


Midian Yoshi (or Young Shriners) originally started out as a group of younger shriners who wore roller skates and during a parade, were pulled along by holding on to a rope attached to Cadillacs.  At intersections, they would let go of the ropes and skate around!  When they were ready to move on, they would then grab ahold of the ropes again and proceed to the next intersection!

It was later decided that something a little more "fun" was needed and the go-karts were purchased for the unit to drive.  Many of these original karts have been sold down the line and are still being run in the unit today.  

There is no age limit for being a member of Yoshi, even though it used to mean "Young Shriner" is has since been changed to "Young at Heart".

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